Sandwich bring the festive cheer with cameo-filled cover of Duster’s ‘Potluck’

See if you can spot members of Autotelic, Cheats, Pedicab, Oh, Flamingo! and more

To ring in the Christmas season, Filipino rock band Sandwich have released a cover of ‘Potluck’ by Duster (not to be confused with the American indie rock band).

The song was originally written by Sandwich frontman Raymund Marasigan, and recorded by Duster, the band formed by Sandwich bassist Myrene Academia. Now Sandwich have delivered a rendition of the the cherished song in time for the holiday season.

Hear it below:


The cover came with a video filled with cameos from musicians across the country’s indie music scene, including members of Autotelic, Cheats, Pedicab, Oh, Flamingo!, Imago, Chicosci, and more. The cover was recorded in isolation, with each individual members performing their parts in their respective homes and studios.

Academia spoke with Bandwagon Philippines about putting the cover together. “Back in the day everybody would all head to Nix Puno’s (of Us-2 Evil-0) house after Noche Buena for an after party. That was the inspiration for the song,” she shared. “We took a day to record it at Mong’s (we finished early because we wanted to bike and hang at Dan Gil’s).”

Duster was originally conceived as an all-girl rock band by Academia, currently inactive. The band released their debut album in 2008 titled ‘Sweetheart Snackbar’.