SB19 share their “dream mixtape” with songs by Olivia Rodrigo, Sezairi, Slipknot and more

The playlist comprises songs the Filipino pop group love and ones they wish they’d written

Filipino pop group SB19 have unveiled a “dream mixtape” that features songs by Olivia Rodrigo, Slipknot and Singaporean artist Sezairi.

The playlist, hosted on Spotify, features SB19’s personal favourites, songs that they wish they’d written and more. It stemmed from an interview prompt during a livestream with Rolling Stone on Twitch, where host Jon Weigell asked the group about a “dream mixtape” which would reflect the diverse musical preferences of the group’s members.

The group named Travis Scott‘s ‘goosebumps’ and My Chemical Romance‘s ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ as songs that are in their heads “constantly”, while Singaporean singer-songwriter Sezairi Sezali’s ‘It’s You’ was highlighted as a song “more people need to know about”. Bruno Mars‘ ‘Grenade’, The Carpenters’ ‘Close To You’ and Queen‘s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ were picked out as preferred karaoke songs.


Other selections that ended up in the playlist include Olivia Rodrigo‘s ‘happier’, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, and Slipknot’s ‘Duality’.

Check out the playlist below.

During the interview, the group was asked about songs that they think more people should listen to. While Pablo stressed the importance of Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are The World’, Stell took the chance to shout out ‘It’s You’.

Upon hearing that SB19 mentioned his song, Sezairi took to social media to acknowledge their co-sign. He also thanked Stell for the shoutout, before adding: “SEA music going places, lets do this”.


SB19 released their highly anticipated EP ‘Pagsibol’ on Thursday, July 22. The six-track record featured previously released singles ‘What?’ and ‘MAPA’, while including fresh cuts like ‘Bazinga’ and ‘Ikako’.

The group are also scheduled to host an upcoming virtual concert dubbed Back In The Zone on August 1. The digital event was originally set for July 18, but was postponed over “identified health and safety concerns”. It will feature the special guests 4th Impact and Alex Bruce.