Sekumpulan Orang Gila and Shila Amzah reunite for screamo Hari Raya song ‘Seikhlas Hati’

The unorthodox Hari Raya song has been stoking both praise and criticism online

Malaysian post-hardcore band Sekumpulan Orang Gila have reunited with singer-songwriter Shila Amzah for a heavy new Hari Raya song titled ‘Seikhlas Hati’.

Fresh off their collaborative single ‘Pelukan Angkasa’ winning the top prize at the Anugerah Juara Lagu awards, the two acts have come together with local TV station TV3 to release the festive single on major streaming platforms on April 18, with the music video landing two days later on April 20.

The single features both a screamed verse by SOG vocalist Riko and a flute solo as Amzah and SOG frontman Raja Nazrin Shah reel off lyrics about forgiveness and togetherness, in the spirit of the season. “Selamat berhari raya / Saling bermaafan saling mendoakan sesama kita,” the lyrics go: “Have a good Eid celebration / May we always forgive and pray for each other.”


Listen to SOG and Shila Amzah’s Hari Raya single ‘Seikhlas Hati’ below.

‘Seikhlas Hati’ has already become something of a viral sensation online, with social media users praising the track for creative instrumentation and for the unconventional move of incorporating screamed vocals into a Hari Raya song shown on a terrestrial TV station.

However, some have also felt compelled to defend the song against accusations that it is a sign of moral collapse in Malaysia’s mainstream media industry – a claim Sekumpulan Orang Gila are not strangers to.

SOG and Shila Amzah’s previous collaborative single ‘Pelukan Angkasa’ was first released in 2020 as part of SOG’s fourth studio album ‘Second Voyage’, and was later included in the soundtrack for the movie KL Vampires. The song would eventually go on to win the top prize at the 36th Anugerah Juara Lagu awards held early last month, bagging the winners a cash prize of RM100,000.


SOG released their fourth and most recent album ‘Second Voyage’ in 2021. The post-hardcore outfit first shot to prominence in 2012 following the release of their single ‘Sumpah Pendekar’, which featured lyrics written by the iconic rocker M.Nasir. An acoustic version of the song was included in their 2015 sophomore album ‘Bahtera’.

Shila, who is the daughter of famed singer Amir Amzah Salleh (also known as ND Lala), has released six studio albums since 2000.