Senyawa detail new album ‘Alkisah’, to be released by different labels around the world

A February 2021 release date has been set

Senyawa have announced that their new album, ‘Alkisah’ will arrive early next year.

The album, which was first announced in September, has now received a February 21 release date. ‘Alkisah’ will be co-released and distributed by a slew of independent record labels across the globe, spanning from the experimental duo’s hometown of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to the United States, United Kingdom and other Asian countries. See the full list below.

On Tuesday (November 17), the band premiered the first track from the album, titled ‘Istana’. Listen to ‘Istana’ below.


In a tweet on Wednesday (November 18), Senyawa confirmed the album release will vary by label, each with their own “different design and packaging, with multiple remix/reinterpretations by various artists”.

Yogyakarta label Yes No Wave have also announced that it will release the track stems from the album for free, and will feature remixes by Wahono, Prontaxan, Nursalim Yadi Anugrah, Riar Rizaldi, Gabber Modus Operandi, Slikback and more.

In their September open call for interested labels, Senyawa said that the concept of releasing through multiple labels would decentralise the “former hierarchical system of music distribution” and would allow shipping distances and cost to be reduced, and empower “smaller scattered powers to grow and connect”.


Senyawa’s most recent record was the collaborative album ‘Bima Sakti’ with Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))). The duo’s last solo outing, ‘Sujud’, was released in 2018.

Senyawa are scheduled to perform for the Plainsong Live Sessions this weekend alongside fellow Indonesian artists Sundancer and Filastine & Nova. The session on Saturday, November 21 will last 45 minutes and will broadcast pre-recorded performances.

The list of independent record labels co-releasing Senyawa’s ‘Alkisah’ is:

60THOU – Kuala Lumpur
Annihaya – Beirut
Artetetra – Milan
Avon Terror Corpse – Bristol
Blotter – Pekanbaru
Burning Ambulance – New Jersey
Chaos Non Musica – Bali
Communion – Milan
Dekorder – Hamburg
Disaster Records – Bandung
Gandula – Barcelona
Harsh Production – Bogor
IN:EX – Chemnitz
Katuktu Collective – California
L_KW – Berlin
Les Albums Claus – Brussels
Mouhoi – Hong Kong
Nomads – Medan
Otakotor – Yogyakarta
Phantom Lab – U.K.
Qarar – Bahrain
Rain Dogs – Jakarta
Riuh Records – Makassar
Ruptured – Beirut
School Of The Arts (SOTA) – Russia
Senggama – Palu
Senko–Issha – Taipei
Senyawa Mandiri – Yogyakarta
Soft Brute – Yogyakarta
Soydivision – Berlin
Stock Records – Perth
Tandang – Kuala Lumpur
Tenzenmen – Thailand
Ujikaji – Singapore
Unfamiliar Environment – Thailand
Yes No Wave – Yogyakarta

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