Senyawa issue open call to labels worldwide to help “co-release” their next album

"The whole idea is about decentralising the former hierarchical system of music distribution"

Indonesian experimental band Senyawa have issued an open call to independent labels across the world to participate in a collaborative release for their upcoming album ‘Alkisah’.

On social media, the Yogyakarta-based duo said on Friday (September 18) that instead of releasing their new record on one label, they will welcome multiple independent music labels from around the world who “share our similar vision of the future” to “co-release” the album.

Senyawa, which consists of Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi, indicated the labels would be given some freedom to decide on the album’s artwork. Though they would only provide 10 artworks to choose from, the labels would be free to modify and match it to their preferred cover design.


“Each label would decide themselves how they would design the album cover, how to pack it, what format and how many copies they choose to release, including the scope of their distribution reach,” the band tweeted.

“Ideally, each label represents one country where the label is based to avoid overlap of distribution and making sure that the whole idea is about decentralising the former hierarchical system of music distribution,” they wrote.

Senyawa also said doing so would allow shipping distances and cost to be reduced, and empower “smaller scattered powers to grow and connect” – in their opinion, “the way it should have been”.

Senyawa did not mention a release date for the album, which they say is about the decline of society.

“A tale of a once rich and peaceful country (that) came to realise all the destruction and eventual collapse of its own society while seeking to redeem itself,” they wrote.


“However, it seems like any efforts are now futile because the impending doom is finally here. What comes after is all that matters.”

‘Alkisah’ will be Senyawa’s ninth full-length studio album. In July, they released the collaborative album ‘Bima Sakti’ with Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))). Senyawa’s last solo recording ‘Sujud’ was released in 2018.

Since their formation in 2010, Senyawa, who are known for melding folk, experimental and traditional sounds, have also held extensive tours in Asia, Australia, and Europe. They have also collaborated with Bon Iver, The National’s Dessner brothers and more.

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