Senyawa launch streaming app with new album ‘Membaladakan Keselamatan’

The Indonesian experimentalists' new album is available to stream via the app

Indonesian experimental band Senyawa have announced the launch of their new streaming app, Senyawa Mandiri.

The duo took to Instagram on Wednesday (November 17) to announce the news. They state that the app, which they made themselves, will not be available traditionally via the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Instead, the band have shared a download link via their Instagram bio. It includes a tutorial that teaches fans how to install the app manually.


The app includes a digital stream of their new album, ‘Membaladakan Keselamatan’, which translates to ‘Ballads For The Survivors’.

The album, first teased a month ago, features 12 new acoustic tracks. It is also available to stream and download on their Bandcamp page.

The band said of the album via an Instagram post: “Survival is about having the courage to adapt in any kind of situation. ‘Ballads For The Survivors’ is Senyawa’s effort to dismantle itself into its purest form; words and melody. The album is now available for digital streaming via the first version of the app we built ourselves.”

‘Membaladakan Keselamatan (Ballads For The Survivors)’ marks Senyawa’s second album of the year.

In February, the experimental band released ‘Alkisah’, which was issued in partnership with 36 independent record labels across the globe. It has since received two remix albums.


In a glowing five-star review of ‘Alkisah’, NME’s Azzief Khaliq wrote that with the album, “the pair have started their second decade the same way they ended their first, pushing themselves forward and blazing the sort of trail that makes them a band without equal”.

The album also featured in NME‘s list of the 10 best Southeast Asian albums and EPs of 2021 so far.