Senyawa’s ‘Alkisah’ album getting remixes from Gabber Modus Operandi, Pisitakun, BAPAK. and more

Yogyakarta labels Yes No Wave and SOFT/BRUTE have announced their respective remix offerings

Yogyakarta labels Yes No Wave and SOFT/BRUTE have recruited artists from across Indonesia, Thailand and Nairobi to remix songs from Senyawa’s new album ‘Alkisah’.

Yes No Wave and SOFT/BRUTE are just two of nearly 40 independent labels across the world who will be releasing ‘Alkisah’ this month in their own way – from design to packaging to extra offerings like remixes.

On February 21, Yes No Wave will be releasing the remix compilation, titled ‘Alkisah Dikisahkan’, alongside the stems of the record. Eight artists were “invited to tell ‘Alkisah’ stories into different possibilities” and produce “unique speculative works”, the label said on Instagram.


The Indonesian artists contributing to ‘Alkisah Dikisahkan’ are Riar Rizaldi (Bandung/Hong Kong), Y-DRA (Yogyakarta), Nursalim Yadi Anugerah (Pontianak), Gabber Modus Operandi (Denpasar), Wahono (Jakarta) and Prontaxan (Yogyakarta).

Thai experimentalist Pisitakun and Nairobi electronic artist Slikback round out the list of contributing remixers.

The Instagram post by the label also previewed the cover art, a painting titled Fang Madam by Ardi Gunawan. See it below:


SOFT/BRUTE will also release ‘Alkisah’ with a set of remixes from an all-Indonesian line-up of artists. They are Mahamboro, Guling, Sanjonas, Eversomber from Yogyakarta; TXETEXT from Bali; BAPAK. & Anugrah from Jakarta; and Kay from Balikpapan.


Preview the SOFT/BRUTE remixes and see the label’s album art for ‘Alkisah’ below:

To find out more about the various ‘Alkisah’ releases around the globe, check out Senyawa’s Instagram page.

Last September, Senyawa – the duo of Rully Shabara Herman and Wukir Suryadi – made an open call seeking record labels interested in releasing ‘Alkisah’. They said the release through multiple labels would decentralise the “former hierarchical system of music distribution” and would allow shipping distances and cost to be reduced, and empower “smaller scattered powers to grow and connect”.

In an interview with NME, Rully explained that the global release approach “isn’t about trying to ‘dominate’ the world. It’s about making [the album] more easily accessible, and maybe even cheaper to get a hold of.” He added, “This is what we need during this pandemic: a lot of people making a lot of small connections.”

Senyawa’s latest full-length record comes after their collaborative album ‘Bima Sakti’ with Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))). Prior to ‘Bima Sakti’, the band released their own album ‘Sujud’ in 2018.