Seringai announce new single ‘Ishtarkult’ featuring Danilla Riyadi

Watch a teaser for the mystical animated music video

Indonesian heavy rockers Seringai have announced the release of new song ‘Ishtarkult’ featuring singer Danilla Riyadi.

Earlier this week, the band unveiled a teaser for the song and its music video, helmed by Bandung animation studio Afterlab. It depicts a cloaked figure traversing the desert towards a mystical destination.

The collaboration appears to also be a partnership with Jägermeister, and will be released January 21. Watch the teaser and hear a snippet of ‘Ishtarkult’, featuring Danilla’s hushed vocals and dramatic guitar riffs, below:


This is not Seringai’s first time collaborating with Danilla – she appeared as a guest vocalist on their last album ‘Seperti Api’ (‘Like Fire’), as the Jakarta Post reported.

The 12-track record was released in July 2018, and included other guest vocalists Kartika Jahja, Hendra Jaya Putra of electronic group Rock N Roll Mafia and Dawny of ska band The Authentics.

Danilla’s last full-length album, ‘Lintasan Waktu’, was released in 2017. She dropped a few one-off songs in 2020, the latest being the slow-burning track ‘Fevercoaster’ in August.

She also reunited with her Daramuda bandmates Rara Sekar (of the folk duo Banda Neira) and Sandrayati Fay for two new songs, ‘Pertigaan’ and ‘Selamat Tinggal’. The trio debuted in 2019 with the EP ‘Salam Kenal’.