Chinese SEVENTEEN fan saved from severe floods after using group’s lightstick to alert rescuers

"I want to tell S.Coups the lightstick is really extremely bright"

A Chinese fan of K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN was reportedly rescued from devastating floods after they using the group’s official lightstick to alert rescuers.

According to a Weibo post uploaded by the fan, they had been stranded due to the severe floods in the Henan province of China . The fan was subsequently saved by rescuers after they noticed the “extremely bright” light form the SEVENTEEN lightstick, which features a diamond-shaped light encased in a clear dome with a white handle.

“The disaster is over and everyone is safe. I want to tell [SEVENTEEN member] S.Coups the lightstick is really extremely bright. [The rescuers] found me immediately,” the fan wrote on Weibo, as translated by AsiaOne.


Screenshot & Translation Credit: @wonudear on Twitter

Another Chinese fan also wrote on Weibo that she had been able to use her SEVENTEEN lightstick as a torchlight throughout the night, after her mobile phone ran out of power.

Screenshot Credit:@wonudear on Twitter

The brightness of the second version of the SEVENTEEN lightstick, which was used by the rescued fans, notably came about after the group’s leader S.Coups suggested that the device have a dual purpose as a makeshift flashlight for fans returning home at night after a concert, according to Koreaboo.

SEVENTEEN recently returned with their eighth mini-album, ‘Your Choice’, featuring the title track ‘Ready To Love’. In a glowing four-star reviewNME’s Puah Ziwei said that “the [boyband’s] experimentation with their musicality [on the record]… prove that the group have not lost their touch or creative streak”.


In other SEVENTEEN news, all thirteen members of the group renewed their contracts with their agency, Pledis Entertainment, last week. According to the label, the boyband had cited the group’s “trust” and “strong teamwork”, among others as reasons for their decision to re-sign with the company.