SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi reveals how his solo song ‘Spider’ came to life

“I knew I wanted to work on ‘Spider’ with Woozi"

After dropping his first ever solo song, Hoshi of SEVENTEEN has revealed details on how ‘Spider’ came to life.

In an interview with American publication Teen Vogue, the South Korean singer said that he worked hard to explore his musical style and create a charismatic performance for the project. “As the leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance unit, I worked really hard to push the boundaries,” he said.

Enlisting the help of fellow SEVENTEEN member Woozi, he added that working with his bandmate for the creation of the track was a no-brainer choice for him. “I knew I wanted to work on ‘Spider’ with Woozi, who has been by my side for the past ten years and watched me grow as an artist,” Hoshi shared.


“I played the song for him, and in the very beginning, there’s a part where it sounds like a water drop is falling from a spider web,” he recalled. “From there, we naturally came up with the keyword ‘Spider,’ and compared the experience of being unable to escape an individual’s magnetic and deadly charms to the helpless movements of a prey stuck in a spider web.”

The song was also made together with PRISMFILTER’s Bumzu and Park Kitae, both of whom are frequent SEVENTEEN collaborators, and Hoshi shared that the four of them “were on the same page” as they worked on the song. “The way my co-composers view me and how I view myself as an artist aligned. Through this experience, I once again realized just how talented those guys are at what they do,” he added.

While working on this solo venture, the singer admitted that he had a great time discovering his own musicality and color. However, he doesn’t intend on veering too far from his roots as a member of SEVENTEEN.

“I would say that ‘soloist HOSHI’ and ‘SEVENTEEN’s HOSHI’ are one and the same,” he stated. “If there is a difference, I’d say that when performing as SEVENTEEN, each member’s individual strengths and energies all collectively come together to create a strong team synergy, whereas when I’m performing as a solo artist, it’s my individual energy, strengths, and abilities that I’m showing on stage.”

SEVENTEEN recently performed a medley of their hits, including ‘Very Nice’, ‘CLAP’ and ‘Left & Right’,  for Entertainment Tonight. They then ended the performance with a brief rendition of Justin Bieber’s ‘Holy’ by members Woozi, DK, and Seungkwan.