SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan says he has never thought of the group “as a business”

However, he also noted that they are "not exactly a family" either

SEVENTEEN vocalist Jeonghan had shared more about close bond he shared with his fellow K-pop groupmates, saying that he “relies” on them.

During a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, the singer talked about the boyband’s time as a trainees together, noting how the younger trainees “struggled” to talk with the older ones, while the older ones “couldn’t understand” the younger ones. After debut, Jeonghan acted as a middleman of sorts, keeping both the older and younger members of the group “connected”.

As a result, the thirteen members of the group have developed a close-knit relationship, saying that he has “never thought of SEVENTEEN as a business, not even once”. Although the singer also points out that they’re “not exactly a family… either”.


“We’re just group members, but – members with a strong bond? Like a lifelong members’ club. With SEVENTEEN, it feels like we’re always there for one another. And I think the other members will always be there for me,” he added.

Jeonghan also shared that he “doesn’t really have any friends who are celebrities other than the SEVENTEEN members, so I always hang out with them”. Due to this, he reveals that he finds himself relying on his fellow members more and more, speaking true of the group’s close relationship.

The singer also expressed that he has doesn’t not “have much desire” to pursue a solo career, unlike fellow members Hoshi and The8 have done months prior. “I mean, I’m here because I like being a part of a team and working with the other members,” he noted.

SEVENTEEN recently made their return with their latest EP titled ‘Your Choice’, featuring title track ‘Ready to Love’. Marking the group’s first Korean comeback since ‘Semicolon’ in October 2020, ‘Your Choice’ is the first instalment of the group’s new ‘Power Of Love’ project.