SEVENTEEN’s Jun says being “scared” of new things can be “good”

"Just knowing that there’s something I’m scared of, I get better by trying harder nonstop"

SEVENTEEN’s Jun has opened up about why he’s scared of “new things” and how he feels that can ultimately be “good” for him.

During an interview with WeVerse Magazine, the Chinese-born K-pop singer spoke about his perspective on “new things”, saying that he also likes that the novelty despite his usual initial apprehension. The singer also noted that being “scared” of something new can be good for him, especially when it could be a way to improve upon himself.

“I’m scared, but I also like that it’s new. I’m always that way,” Jun said. “I’m scared when I first start out, but after a while I become more enthusiastic. I’ll think, That other person can do it, so why can’t I? We’re both human!”


“In a way, it’s good that I get scared. Just knowing that there’s something I’m scared of, and that there’s something I’m not very good at, I get better by trying harder nonstop,” he added.

Despite his fear of the unknown, Jun has pushed the boundaries when it comes to his solo projects. The singer has notable released mostly ballads for his solo songs, emphasising his vocal abilities, despite the Chinese-born idol being more widely known as SEVENTEEN’s main dancer.

“I wanted people to see a different side of me,” he said. “I also wanted to work on my vocal skills. If I’m being honest, the reason I kept doing covers and not many of my own was because I wasn’t quite satisfied with myself yet.”

SEVENTEEN recently returned with their eighth mini-album, ‘Your Choice’, featuring the title track ‘Ready To Love’. A day later, Pledis Entertainment notified fans that the group have entered self-quarantine after being identified as close contacts of COVID-19 positive cases.