SEVENTEEN say they “don’t think too hard” on their creative process

Meanwhile, member Woozi said “sincerity” is the most important aspect of songwriting

SEVENTEEN have revealed the different aspects of their creative process, from choreographing to songwriting.

During a new interview with W Magazine, the 13-member boyband were divided up into their three subunits – the performance, hip-hop and vocal teams – to discuss their creative process. Hoshi, the leader of the performance unit, revealed that he tries not to “think too hard about it” when creating the group’s choreography.

“Just Listen, move naturally and as you freestyle like that, you’ll come across something and think, ‘Oh, that’s not too bad’,” added Dino, before creating a dance move on the fly. “Raise your arm like this, then let it glide […] this is choreography too.”


Meanwhile, the hip-hop team spoke about the group’s collaborative approach to writing lyrics. Member S.Coups noted how they write lyrics based on “keywords related to [a specific] topic” before gathering to discuss and refine the song.

On the other hand, the vocal team singled out member Woozi, who co-writes and -composes a majority of SEVENTEEN’s songs, as the group’s main musical inspiration. Woozi then added that, while there are a lot of components that make up a song, such as the “technical stuff” and the lyrics, he noted that “sincerity” is the most important of all.

Elsewhere in the interview, the boyband also talked about their motto in life, how they widen their musical perspective, favourite songs and more.

Earlier today, SEVENTEEN released an animated concept trailer for their forthcoming eighth mini-album ‘Your Choice’. The project, which is their first domestic release since October 2020’s ‘Semicolon’, is due out June 18.