SEVENTEEN’s agency not taking legal action over “completely false” school bullying claims against member Mingyu

After investigating the claims, Pledis Entertainment says it “consider[s] the issue to be resolved”

Pledis Entertainment, the agency of K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN, says that it will not be taking legal action over bullying claims made against group member Kim Mingyu, which the agency has called “completely false”.

In late February, Kim was accused of being a bully during his time at Burim Middle School by an anonymous poster on the community website Instiz. In their post, the author alleged that the idol was part of a “group of delinquents”, which had engaged in some mild violence such as shoving. The author said that Kim only observed such behaviour taking place, and was not a participant.

The post, which was deleted roughly three hours after it was uploaded, also featured an image of a middle school yearbook as proof. At the time, Pledis stated that after speaking to Kim, it found the accusations to be “completely false and have no basis”.


The agency said it has since reached out to the anonymous Instiz poster, as well as other individuals supposedly present at the incident, to verify the facts of the situation. In a new statement, released yesterday (March 21), Pledis said that “not one of these individuals recalled the incident as happening as claimed by the original poster”.

“The original poster then contacted a friend remembered as being present at the scene when the incident occurred, who, according to the poster, also did not recall the event,” Pledis continued. “The poster then informed our company that since no one allegedly involved in the event did not have any memory of this event, the poster did not wish the discussion regarding the issue to continue.”

However, Pledis also says that it will not take further action, legal or otherwise, in regards to the claims as it “consider[s] the issue to be resolved.” The company also acknowledged that the author “did suffer from abusive interactions with classmates, and we have thus decided to refrain from taking additional steps”.

Kim was one of many South Korean public figures who have been accused of bullying behaviour during their school years over the past couple of weeks. Other K-pop idols that have been accused of similar actions include (G)I-DLE’s Soojin, former 4Minute member HyunA, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and several members of the girl group APRIL.