SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu personally addresses bullying accusations

"It is love from you, all fans, that enables me to do what I do"

Pledis Entertainment has shared its concluding statement regarding the school bullying allegations made against SEVENTEEN member Mingyu.

The company claimed that it had reached out to the original accuser, who said that they “did not wish the artist to bear undue responsibility for events that happened in the past”. Pledis also apologised for the lengthy time between the accusation and its official statement, noting that “considerable time and effort” were needed to verify facts due to the “gravity of the issue”.

In the statement, Mingyu also personally addressed the situation and called it a “chance to reflect on how I should conduct myself.” He apologised to fans for “hav[ing] made you worry”, while noting that the past few months had been “trying for me as well”


“I also learned that regardless of my thoughts or my recollection of past events, it was still possible to cause distress to a person through unintended actions. It was also a chance to reflect on how I should conduct myself,” wrote Mingyu. “It is love from you, all fans, that enables me to do what I do, and I realised once again that I must behave with maturity to return the positive energy that I’ve received from you.”

Mingyu had previously taken a brief hiatus from all of SEVENTEEN’s activities while his agency carried out investigations into the accusations. but has now been confirmed to be resuming all official activities.

In February, Pledis Entertainment had initially denied the accusations against Mingyu refuting claims made by the original poster. The company eventually announced that it would not be taking legal action for unsubstantial claims made against its artist.