SEVENTEEN unveil energetic “band live” version of ‘Rock With You’

“I tell you, this time I wanna rock with you"

SEVENTEEN have released a live version of their latest single, ‘Rock With You’.

On Monday (November 1), the boyband unveiled a “band live session” of their latest title track. This new rendition, backed by a live band, features a notably stronger rock sound, alongside their crisp vocals and energetic performances.

“I tell you, this time I wanna rock with you / Moonlight tonight, shine on you / Tonight, I wanna ride with you / Wherever we go / Baby, hold on, baby, hold on,” the boyband sing on the pop rock track.


Last month, the group had unveiled a “007 version” of their latest music video—which sees the group performing ‘Rock With You’ while dressed in black suits, reminiscent of the James Bond film series.

Prior to that, SEVENTEEN  also released a more playful video dubbed the “Attacca version”, which sees each member in a line in front of the camera, taking turns in performing‘Rock With You’, similar to the popular M2 relay dances.

The release of SEVENTEEN’s special videos comes almost a week after the arrival of their ninth mini-album ‘Attacca’, the much-anticipated follow-up to their June project ‘Your Choice’.


‘Attacca’ features six new songs from the boyband, including the new title track ‘Rock With You’. The project also includes tracks from the group’s three sub-units – the Vocal, Performance and Hip-Hop Teams – as well as a seventh digital-only track titled ‘2 Minus 1’ by members Vernon and Joshua.

In a four-star review of ‘Attacca’NME’s Angela Patricia Suacillo called the boyband’s latest mini-album an exercise in reinvention that succeeds for the most part.

“The road to true musical reinvention is one fraught with hits and misses, but on ‘Attacca’ SEVENTEEN still manage to push the envelope and take their music in disparate directions while producing a sleek, and appealing mini-album that mostly plays to their strengths,” she wrote.