SEVENTEEN say the ‘Attacca’ mini-album is their “best work yet”

“Love is the main message that we wanted to relay"

SEVENTEEN have shared their thoughts and behind-the-scenes moments of their latest project ‘Attacca’.

The K-pop boy group broke down the seven tracks on their recently-released mini-album ‘Attacca’ during an interview with Consequencewhere they also shared their intentions and moments during the production of the record.

Leader S.Coups described the amalgamation of songs on ‘Attacca’ with select themes, noting that “love is the main message that we wanted to relay… love is a timeless message and crucial element that everyone always needs in their lives”.


He also noted that the message SEVENTEEN aimed to convey with ‘Attacca’ was “that no matter where you’re from, or what you may look like, you are extremely cherished and loved.”

“We’ve always poured our all into our music, but we really feel that this EP is our best work yet,” S.Coups continued, before concluding that they “hope it adds more love to the lives of our listeners.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the group explained the intentions behind ‘Rock With You’, the lead single of ‘Attacca’. “Woozi came to Joshua and me, and asked us to explain the exact meaning of ‘rock with you’ in Korean, which was a bit difficult for us to do at first because it’s such a versatile phrase,” Vernon revealed.

Vernon continued explaining the end result of ‘Rock With You”s meaning, saying the group had “thought these slight nuances as well as one of its many direct meanings of ‘I want to be with you’ came together in such a comprehensive way that it was the perfect phrase to use to express this directness and boldness, yet also the sensitivities of love at the same time,” he said.

In a four-star review of ‘Attacca’, NME’s Angela Patricia Suacillo called the boyband’s latest mini-album an exercise in reinvention that succeeds for the most part.


“The road to true musical reinvention is one fraught with hits and misses, but on ‘Attacca’ SEVENTEEN still manage to push the envelope and take their music in disparate directions while producing a sleek, and appealing mini-album that mostly plays to their strengths,” she wrote.