SEVENTEEN on their ambition: “Sometimes I wonder if we go too far”

“It’s great when you get the results you want”

SEVENTEEN member Wonwoo has opened up about the boyband’s status as a self-production idol group and their ambition as musicians.

In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, the rapper-singer shared more about the group’s creative process and the work they put behind the scenes that fans don’t get to see. The singer, who pointed out that the group has made their own songs “from the very beginning”, said that some would be “shocked” at the boyband’s busy schedule.

“It’s meetings all day long – 10 to 15 meetings a week,” Wonwoo said. “We all give our opinions on costumes, promotion, social media – everything. This time around [for their new mini-album ‘Your Choice’], we revised the choreography for the lead single repeatedly, even when there wasn’t much time left, because we wanted to make it even better.”


“Sometimes I wonder if we go too far, but we’re an ambitious bunch,” he added. “[But] it’s great when you get the results you want after so many meetings and so much practice”.

However, the K-pop idol later described their hard work over the past six years as “preparing the land with fertiliser” in order to achieve greater things in the future. “I think now, with the seeds planted, all that’s left is to grow,” he said.

“Obviously we’ve been growing this whole time, but we put all the growing we’ve done until now into this album. I think all the time leading up to now was preparation. And now we’ve started to get just the right amount of water and sun, too. The only thing left to do now is to blossom.”

Earlier this year, Wonwoo and fellow SEVENTEEN member Mingyu collaborated on the song ‘Bittersweet’ with Lee Hi. During an interview with J-14 Magazine, the duo shared that the creative process for the song was more “challenging” than usual due to their desire to leave the meaning of the track “open-ended”.