Sheila E. announces biopic about her relationship with Prince

The pair developed a relationship during Prince's 'Purple Rain' tour

Sheila.E. has announced a new biopic which will tell the “beautiful story” behind her relationship with Prince.

Posting on Facebook, the self-billed Queen of Percussion shared the name of the upcoming film and teased that it will arrive in the near future.

“Coming soon…Sheila E. to release ‘Girl Meets Boy’, a film telling the beautiful story of her time with Prince. Stay Tuned,” she wrote.


Sheila, best known for hits such as ‘The Glamorous Life’, first meet the music icon at a concert in the late ’70s and went on to contribute vocals during the recording sessions for ‘Purple Rain’.

Coming soon…Sheila E. to release “Girl Meets Boy”, a film telling the beautiful story of her time with Prince. Stay Tuned. 💜

Posted by Sheila E. on Friday, January 22, 2021

After scoring a series of Grammy nominations in 1984, Sheila and her band became the opening act on Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ tour – with the two artists developing a relationship during their time on the road.

While telling fans to “stay tuned”, Sheila offered few other details about the project in her initial post to fans.

She remained close friends with Prince before his untimely passing in 2016, occasionally joining him on stage and taking a leading role in a string of high-profile tribute concerts in recent years.

Last year, Sheila also claimed that the pair worked on a wide array of unreleased songs.  


“He was inspired by the people he hung around and that’s what was so cool, he didn’t hang around the same type of people all the time,” she told the Guardian of Prince. “The point of growing as an artist and as a person is opening yourself up to other things.”

She added that the pair “worked together most of our lives” and there were hundreds of unreleased songs that they had created together.

“Since I met him, we started jamming and never stopped until a couple of years before he passed,” she said. “There was so much music. There were years and years and years of being in the studio with him all the time.”