Sheila On 7 drummer Brian Kresno Putro leaves Indonesian rock band after 18 years

“The point that everyone needs to know is that [Brian] is no longer with Sheila On 7," bassist Adam Subarkah said

Sheila On 7 drummer Brian Kresno Putro has officially left the veteran Indonesian rock group after playing with the band for 18 years.

Brian’s departure was confirmed by the band’s bassist and manager Adam Subarkah, who told Hai Online yesterday (May 10) that while he was unclear why the drummer decided to leave, Sheila On 7 had held a long discussion with Brian before determining that allowing him to leave was the best course of action.

“At the end of the day, this is an internal matter for the band,” Adam explained, adding, “The point that everyone needs to know is that [Brian] is no longer with Sheila On 7.”


Speculation that Brian had left the band began when the Sheila On 7 Instagram account posted a video of the band – without Brian – thanking fans on their 26th anniversary on May 8. Several commenters noticed the absence of the longtime member, who first joined the band as a touring drummer replacing founding member Anton Widiastanto in 2004 before officially joining Sheila on 7 in 2006.

Sheila On 7 was first formed in 1996 by Adam, Anton, vocalist Akhdiyat Duta Modjo, and guitarists Eross Candra and Saktia Ari Seno. The band have released eight studio albums, with their last album coming in the form of 2014’s ‘Musim Yang Baik’.

The band hold the distinction of being the first Indonesian band to sell a million copies of three consecutive albums. They have won multiple Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards, most notably taking home the Best Song award for the 2001 single ‘Sephia’, as well as the Best of The Best award for their 2004 album ‘Pejantan Tangguh’.

In 2018, Sheila On 7 released their first new music since 2014 in the form of the single ‘Film Favorit’. It was also the first single released under the band’s own label 507 Records.