ShiGGa Shay announces “mixed reality” virtual concert to launch EP

The Singaporean rapper will release two new songs in tandem with the event

Singaporean rapper ShiGGa Shay is set to put on a “mixed reality” performance later this month to mark the release of two new songs.

The virtual event and its accompanying two-track ‘365’ EP will drop on Wednesday, September 23. The rapper will use a motion-capture suit that will transform him into a digital avatar for the livestream performance.

Viewers of the event will also be transported to a digital realm that was designed by virtual end-to-end platform MRGE. The concert will incorporate elements from real performances and virtual reality, and is touted as “the first virtual live concert of its kind in Southeast Asia”. Audiences will also be capable of interacting with the performance, although specific details have not been announced yet.


Shigga Shay mixed reality virtual concert launch new EP
A behind-the-scenes render of ShiGGa Shay in his “mixed reality” virtual concert. Credit: Press

The 365 Mixed Reality event will be streamed live via the rapper’s website on Wednesday September 23 at 8pm (Singapore time).

ShiGGa Shay’s ‘365’ EP will drop on the same day. The two-track EP – which was produced and mixed by RiiDEM and mastered by MYDAZ – will see the Singaporean rapper adopt “a more experimental approach” to his music.

“Having recently released my ‘S$’ mixtape three months ago, I felt like now would be a good time for me to share these songs with the world,” he said of the upcoming release.

The first track of the EP is titled ‘365 the intro’, followed by the second track, ‘who r u 是个谁’. The latter song references the Mandarin phrase that inspired the rapper’s moniker.


As reported by The Straits Times, the Chinese Singaporean rapper – real name Pek Jin Shen – came under fire earlier this year for his stage name, which bears sonic similarities to the n-word.

ShiGGa Shay explained that the moniker stemmed from the Mandarin phrase “是个谁”, which is pronounced “shi ge shui” and means “who are you” or “who is it”.

Besides the ‘S$’ EP, which he released in June, ShiGGa Shay recently featured on Inch Chua’s latest single, ‘flags’.