SHINee’s Taemin opens up about going solo: “I was actually lonely”

"I felt a lot of burden because I had to prepare alone," he shared

Taemin of South Korean boyband SHINee has opened up about feeling “lonely” while working on his solo career.

During a brand-new interview with Marie Claire Koreathe group discussed their favourite moments together over the course of their 13-year-long career. For Taemin, he pointed out that the most enjoyable time for him was “talking with members in practice rooms”, according to translations by Soompi.

The singer then added that he “was actually lonely” when his members were not around while he was promoting his solo projects. “I felt a lot of burden because I had to prepare alone,” he shared.


Taemine also noted that he believed he had to make things “even more perfect” since his fellow SHINee members had been “completing the aspects I’d been lacking in”. “I couldn’t let those imperfections show just because the members weren’t there,” he added.

Elsewhere in the interview, which was held in May, the group shared their plans for the future in light of Taemin’s then-upcoming military enlistment. “In place of not promoting with the members, I plan on communicating with them as much as possible,” said Minho, who shared that the individual members have solo projects planned.

In February 2020, SHINee made their long-awaited return with the album ‘Don’t Call Me’. The group added three new tracks to the record with the repackaged edition of the album, which was retitled ‘Atlantis’. Fellow SHINee members Key and Onew are also expected to drop solo releases in July and September, respectively.