SHINee tease plans for multiple new music releases this year

"Please be fully prepared for just how many comebacks there will be,” said Taemin

K-pop boyband SHINee have shared plans for their upcoming concerts and music releases this year.

On May 28, SHINee held the second night of their 15th anniversary fan meeting in Seoul, which was also streamed worldwide via Beyond LIVE. During the event, SHINee revealed that they plan to make several comebacks in 2023.

Among those comebacks are a previously announced release coming up in June, which will be accompanied by a three-night concert. “This year will be SHINee’s year,” said member Taemin, per Soompi. The fan meeting had also marked the idol’s first official appearance since he was discharged from the military last month.


“Our fan meeting is ending, but there’s still our [June] comeback. Also, please be fully prepared for just how many comebacks there will be,” he added, before the group performed an unreleased track titled ‘The Feeling’.

Additionally, SHINee also revealed at the fan meeting that they would be performing for three nights at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on June 23, 24 and 25. Additional details regarding the concert and SHINee’s June comeback will be officially announced by SM Entertainment at a later date.

SHINee’s upcoming return will mark their first release as a full group in over two years, following the their repackaged album ‘Atlantis’ in April 2021. Youngest member Taemin had enlisted for his mandatory military service shortly after, following the release of his third solo mini-album ‘Advice’ in May.

During this time, members Onew, Key and Minho made several solo releases, the latest of which had been Onew’s ‘Circle’ this March. Key also made a comeback earlier this year with ‘Killer’, the re-release of his August 2022 studio album ‘Gasoline’.

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