Shinhwa’s Shin Hye-sung reportedly arrested after refusing breathalyser test

The singer was reportedly found by police inside a vehicle reported as stolen

Singer Shin Hye-sung of veteran boyband Shinhwa has been reportedly arrested by police after refusing to take a sobriety test.

On October 11, several South Korean news outlets reported that Shin had been arrested in the early morning that same day after refusing to comply with a police order to take a breathalyser test. According to Sports Kyunghyang, the 43-year-old singer was reportedly found sleeping inside a vehicle parked in the middle of the street. It’s claimed the vehicle had been reported as stolen.

Shin then allegedly refused to take a breathalyser test several times, which eventually led to his arrest. The vehicle he had been driving had also been reported stolen at the time. The incident was believed to have occurred at around 1:40am KST on October 11.


His agency, Liveworks Company, has since confirmed that Shin had been drunk driving after a meeting with acquaintances and was arrested after refusing a sobriety test. “There is no excuse for drunk driving and Shin driving without even knowing it wasn’t his car under the influence of alcohol,” the agency said.

While police are still investigating how Shin ended up inside a car that did not belong to him, Liveworks claimed that the singer was given the key to the vehicle by the valet staff at the restaurant where he attended the gathering. The agency went on to add that it would keep fans updated as they learn more about the situation.

Korea JoongAng Daily has reported on a historical incident where Shin previously had his driver’s license revoked in April 2007 for driving under the influence.

This winter Shinhwa will debut their first unit group WDJ, consisting of members Minwoo, Kim Dong-wan, and Jun-jin, as previewed by a video teaser. A representative of Liveworks Company shared that Shinhwa WDJ will promote with music activities, according to Sports Chosun.

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