Shura on RAYE’s label drama: “Indie labels are just as capable of sucking big time”

The response comes after RAYE claimed her label Polydor hasn't "allowed" her to release her debut album

Shura has responded to RAYE‘s recent record label drama, sharing her own experiences of indie labels “sucking big time” as well as majors.

Her comments come after RAYE took to Twitter earlier this week to say that she is “sick of being slept on” and that she’s eager to put out her first full-length LP.

In the message, RAYE said she has been signed on a four-album deal since 2014, yet hasn’t been “allowed” to release her debut album.


“I’m so over it being remotely legal to do this to artists,” Shura responded yesterday (June 29), quoting RAYE’s tweet about her four-album deal.

Shura, who released her debut album ‘Nothing’s Real’ on major label Polydor in 2016 before signing to indie Secretly Canadian for its follow-up ‘forevher’ in 2019, said in further tweets posted today (June 30) that she doesn’t believe indie labels are necessarily always better than majors in the way they treat their artists.

“it’s no secret that major labels suck but absolutely no to y’all saying indies are the answer. indie labels are are just as capable of sucking big time,” she added. “if you can afford to make a record without a label do it. not everyone (myself included) can.”

Shura added: “i’ve been signed to both. and at least polydor never made me pay for my own single PR.”


In another tweet, she then wrote: “i have signed to a major. i’ve signed to an indie. i get my masters back from universal in the next 10 years. my indie label will continue to own my record after i’m dead. it’s not as simple as major vs indie.”

Responding to RAYE’s claims, a spokesperson for her label Polydor told NME: “We were saddened to read RAYE’s tweets last night and have reached out to her management team to discuss and offer our full support.”

Among the other artists offering solidarity with RAYE is MNEK, who said: “v v tired of this industry clipping the wings of talented people of colour and driving them to LOSE CONFIDENCE in what got them here in the first place. it’s not cool, and something needs to give.”

Shura made a return in February with new track ‘Obsession’, taken from a deluxe edition of second album ‘forevher’.

Reviewing ‘forevher’ upon its release in 2019, NME wrote: “A record that beautifully articulates the giddiness of love, ‘Forevher’ subtly queers up the love song in its most timeless form.”