Shye announces new mini-album ‘hello TRINITY’

Listen to her latest single ‘notgonnalie’ now

Singaporean singer-songwriter Shye has announced an upcoming mini-album, ‘hello TRINITY’, due for release next month.

Its fourth and final single, ‘notgonnalie’, was issued on digital platforms earlier today to coincide with the announcement. The single follows up ‘how r u sleeping’, ‘ITIM’ and ‘not rly’.

The electro-pop number is full of energy, with Shye singing through large emotions – the experience of feeling too many things at once. It also features the artist playing the guitar for the first time on record.


Feeling like I wanna cry / feeling like I wanna scream / I can’t sleep / Feeling like I’m wasting time but honestly / Life’s a dream,” she sings.

Listen to ‘notgonnalie’ below.

Shye explained in a press statement that the song is “inspired by fluctuating feelings and emotions dictated by what a person is going through”.

“It explores how we can think too much and sometimes life feels like a dream, but ultimately it’s up to us to decide if it’s going to be a good or bad one,” she added.

The song also provided a different recording process for Shye. “Usually, I’d outline the song with instrumentals then write lyrics from there but for this one, I wrote most of the lyrics first,” she revealed.


“Another new thing I tried was recording my atrocious guitar playing. It was a pain to mix since it was something new, but I had fun and I’m happy with how it turned out!”

‘hello TRINITY’ will be released November 12. Shye promises more details to come. “i cant waiT TO SHARE more with you,” she wrote to fans in an Instagram post, littered with emojis. “stay tuned.”

Last year, Shye released her debut album ‘Days to Morning Glory’, which landed at No. 23 on NME‘s best Asian albums of 2020.

Shye is in the running for the Best Asian Creative Award at the upcoming 12th Golden Indie Music Awards in Taiwan, happening on November 6. The event will be preceded by the Asia Rolling Festival 2021, which will feature Singapore acts lewloh, BGourd and Cosmic Child.