Singapore metal trio hrvst announce disbandment

“We do not want to hold on to something that isn’t growing”

Singapore metal trio hrvst (pronounced ‘harvest’) are splitting up.

The sludge/doom outfit confirmed their disbandment in a post on Instagram yesterday (January 4) titled ‘The End’. “We should have done this way before but we were very hopeful about Mel’s recovery but it seems like it’s going to take some time,” they wrote.

In 2019, hrvst bassist Mel suffered a serious accident at a show that left him unable to perform with the band. In a blog post on January 4, he confirmed hrvst were calling it quits. “It’s something extremely hard to let go of but I guess it’s for the better. It’s probably one of the only few things that I’m proud of in this life,” he wrote.


“We do not want to hold on to something that isn’t growing, as much as we would love to,” the band wrote in their statement, “but it just wouldn’t make sense. One way or another, we still have to part ways in the future because life gets you.

“It is really sad that we have to put an end to this project that we are extremely proud of and something we can call our own.” Read the full message from hrvst below.

Hrvst have been active since 2014. Their first project was ‘lilith’, released 2016. They followed up with short releases including ‘Kingdom’ in 2017 and the song ‘Fear Reduction’ in 2018. Their final release was a 7-inch split with Hong Kong metallic hardcore band Dagger, released 2018.

Up till 2019, hrvst gigged in Singapore and Malaysia, sharing stages with the likes of Japanese hardcore band Palm and French metalcore group Betraying The Martyrs.