Singapore punk band Sial release new song, ‘Kau Dilahirkan Untuk Mati’, ahead of EP

Ahead of an EP out in July

Singaporean hardcore punk band Sial have dropped a new track titled ‘Kau Dilahirkan Untuk Mati’.

The track, released via UK independent label La Vida Es Un Mus, was uploaded onto Bandcamp on Saturday (June 19).

‘Kau Dilahirkan Untuk Mati’, which translates from Malay as “You are born to die”, also arrives ahead of their upcoming two-track EP ‘Zaman Edan’ (‘Age of Craziness’), due for release on July 1.


Listen to the track below.

In a description of the EP, the band’s guitarist Hafiz said ‘Zaman Edan’ was written during a period marked by “severe anxiety and uncertainty”, adding that their new record is influenced by space rock band Hawkwind and anarcho-punk outfit Cress.

“The [two] songs [tell] stories about the real meaning of life. A life running low of dopamine, setting the tone for a bleak and experimental approach whilst writing this record, built up from a very percussive foundation,” Hafiz wrote.

“Siti’s screeching vocals [approach] death, not as a cry for help but as a fatalistic prose to justify means of sacrifice in the struggle against segregation and bondage.”

The upcoming EP – which will adopt a more psychedelic tone compared to previous releases – will also feature the track ‘Kau Dilahirkan Untuk Melawan’ (“You are born to fight”) and will be released on July 1. The band is also releasing the EP in 7-inch vinyl format with a limited run of 800 copies.


Sial’s 2020 album ‘Tari Pemusnah Kuasa’ (translated as “the revolt dance”, or “dance of the power crusher”) clinched the 13th spot in NME‘s 25 best Asian albums of 2020 list.

“Regardless of whether you’re a fan of noisy music, it’s impossible not to be compelled by Sial’s pummelling intensity,” wrote NME‘s Marcel Thee. “With lyrics that rail against racial and classist discrimination, this is an irrepressible record that overwhelms with its ferocity.”

Sial’s first project, ‘Demo 2017’, was released in January that year followed by their self-titled debut album in November 2017.