Singaporean concert promoter issues statement on Jay Chou concert criticism

"We are sorry for the imperfections and strive to do better," G.H.Y Culture and Media wrote on Facebook

Singaporean concert promoter G.H.Y Culture & Media has issued a statement regarding the criticisms it has received for its recent oraganisation of Mando-pop singer Jay Chou‘s concert in the city-state.

The concert – which took place on December 17 and 18 at the National Stadium – was panned by fans for a number of reasons from Chou’s lacklustre performance to G.H.Y’s faulty lightsticks.

Multiple fans who attended the concerts over the weekend complained that the complimentary lightsticks they had received were not in working condition, with some even claiming that the lightsticks had been reused from Chou’s 2020 concerts that took place before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Some pointed out that the number 20 was printed on the lightsticks, from when the 2020 concerts were held.


G.H.Y has now issued a statement promising to do better, claiming that the lightsticks “have not been recycled from the last concert in 2020 and “20” reflected in the Carnival emblem refers to Jay’s 20 over years of making music culminating in the Carnival themed concert world tour for his fans”.

Dear Fans,We thank you for the wonderful support during the Jay Chou Carnival Singapore Concert! We hear your…

Posted by G.H.Y on Monday, December 19, 2022

G.H.Y also said in its statement that “repeated rehearsals involving the lightsticks” were carried out as the concerts marked Chou’s first in three years. According to the organiser, “batteries in some of the lightsticks failed during the first show and we did our best to rectify in time for the second show.”

The organiser also noted that “fans can still keep these lightsticks by replacing its batteries.”

Chou’s performance was also criticised by fans, many of whom claimed that the show felt more like a showcase of Chou’s friends who guest performed, rather than a Jay Chou concert. Some noted that he sang for less than an hour and that his live vocals were softer than the playback mix. Chou has yet to comment on these criticisms.

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