Singaporean dream pop duo Kekko release second single ‘Past Lives’

The track draws inspiration from 2010s psychedelic pop acts Melody Echo Chamber and Tame Impala

Singaporean psychedelic/dream pop duo Kekko have released their second single, ‘Past Lives’.

Kekko are the husband-wife duo of Tim Kek and Cherie Ko. ‘Past Lives’, which is the follow-up to their debut single ‘Within You’, pays tribute to 2010s psychedelic pop acts such as Melody Echo Chamber and Tame Impala.

Listen to Kekko’s ‘Past Lives’ via California lo-fi pop label Spirit Goth Records below.


Kek produces and writes the instrumentation for the project, while Ko focuses on lyrics and lead vocals. Kek is known in the Singaporean music scene as the founder of concert and festival promoter Symmetry Entertainment.

Ko, on the other hand, has performed in bands such as dark pop outfit TOMGIRL and Bored Spies. The former group, the duo of Ko and Ted Doré, released a self-titled album in 2016. In Bored Spies, Ko performed at Primavera Sound Barcelona in 2013 and toured across Europe and America. She’s also performed solo material as Pastelpower and played guitar in the band Obedient Wives Club.

‘Past Lives’ follows Kekko’s debut single, ‘Within You’, which released in mid-March. The track was released alongside an accompanying music video by YouTube channel I’m Cyborg But That’s Ok, set to scenes from Kekko’s favourite film, Picnic At Hanging Rock.

Check out the music video below.


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