Singaporean duo Ihasamic! and Wovensound drop surreal visual EP, ‘Repack’

Featuring local artists CHAE, Shai, and Raina Sum, the visual EP touches on mental health

Singaporean rapper and visual artist Ihasamic! and producer Wovensound have teamed up on their surreal visual EP titled ‘Repack’.

The four-track collection of lo-fi hip hop arrived with a short film that premiered on YouTube late Thursday evening (January 7).

Featuring fellow Singaporean artists CHAE, Shai and Raina Sum, the visual EP touches on mental health.


“These four tracks were meant to be like a short, reflective therapy session,” Wovensound said in a press release.

“They cover the theme of repetition and mundane cycles that we go through daily, on a much more personal level – an internalised conflict instead of an externalised struggle.”

Watch the visual EP below.

Directed by Ihasamic!, the 10-minute short film also details the journey of a person struggling with his mental health and how his life falls into an endless loop.

“Sonically the EP is played in a cinematic way, four acts one after another, and makes sense when repeated start to end in a loop,” Ihasamic! said. “The visuals of the accompanying short film completes it.”


The visual EP, released under Umami Records, also premiered at Singapore’s UltraSuperNew Gallery on January 7.

‘Repack’ is the latest collaboration by Ihasamic! and Wovensound, who have teamed up on the songs ‘Sickleberry Sunsets’ and ‘No Road Home’ last year. The duo are also working on another EP, the six-track project ‘Vertigos Fulfilled’ due out in June.

Wovensound is a moniker of Vinod Dass, who is also a veteran of Singapore’s underground metal scene, playing guitar in various bands including Truth Be Known and Mucus Mortuary.

On the other hand, Ihasamic! (real name Muhammad IbnuNordin) creates and conceptualises visual pieces as a hobby and in his day job as an art director.

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