Singaporean indie rock artist kotoji releases debut album, ‘Scribbles of the First’

“I hope... this body of work can be your companion as you go through these moments of being human”

Singaporean indie rock artist kotoji has released her debut album, ‘Scribbles of the First’.

The album features the singer-songwriter’s sonic explorations into 2000s pop rock and J-rock, her lyrics wrestling with heartbreak, jealousy and untamed desire – a “time capsule” of her early twenties, as she put it in a press statement. It also includes her most recent single, ‘Please Don’t Do It’.

The album was self-released on digital streaming platforms yesterday (November 18). It follows a string of kotoji singles that began in 2020 with ‘Roulette In My Head’.


Listen to ‘Scribbles of the First’ by kotoji – real name Anjila Lim – below.

In a statement about the album, kotoji said she hopes “it gives [listeners] the comfort and solace you’re looking for in your experiences” and that it serves as an outlet “for you to hear your feelings be vocalised for you the way it was for me.”

“I hope I am able to be there for you on your respective journeys,” she continued, “and this body of work can be your companion as you go through these moments of being human.”

For the album’s production sessions, Lim worked with her brother, singer-songwriter Theron Lim, who performed drums on every track. Asmat T. also contributed additional guitars, piano, keys, synthesizers as well as mixing and mastering.


There is no indication if ‘Scribbles of the First’ will receive a physical release. In 2020, Lim followed up ‘Roulette In My Head’ with singles ‘Everything’ and ‘Halfway to Heaven’.