Singaporean pop artist Dominic Chin releases debut EP ‘License to Cry’

A seven-track collection of pop and R&B

Singaporean pop artist Dominic Chin has released his debut EP ‘License to Cry’.

Released under indie label Unami Records, the seven-track EP was made available on major streaming sites today (October 9). The project features all of Chin’s singles to date, including his 2018 debut ‘CLSE2U’. It takes a variety of genres into its scope, including R&B, soul and electro-pop.

The singer-songwriter has described the release as a confessional record that addresses rejecting conformity and societal expectations, and the importance of vulnerability, among other subjects.


Chin said in a statement: β€œIt was always difficult for me to verbalise my feelings growing up because I didn’t ever want to give myself away and reveal my vulnerability to others.”

The 24-year-old added: β€œI feared that they would judge me or find me a burden, and so this album is in a way, me talking about what I didn’t want to talk about.”

Stream the EP below.

Chin first began recording covers on YouTube in 2010, notching nearly 10,000 subscribers on his channel. In 2014, he went viral with a tribute song he wrote for former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, and was motivated to write his own original material.

Chin said the recording process of ‘License to Cry’ felt “therapeutic”, as it allowed him to confront the personal traumas he experienced in the past.


“We always made it a point to make the song not sound too much as what it would lyrically seem to be,” he said. “For example, ‘HERE’ is a mid-tempo and ‘springy’ type of song, but it talks about me missing my late grandmother.”