Singaporean pop artist Haven shares self-assured new single, ‘Easy Girl Easy Boy’

"I hope this song will help other girls feel empowered and gain confidence"

Singaporean pop artist Haven has unveiled a new single, ‘Easy Girl Easy Boy’.

The song was released on digital platforms on Friday (September 10) via AOR Global, arriving in time for the artist’s 18th birthday.

‘Easy Girl Easy Boy’ sees the singer adopting a different class of confidence from her 2020 single, ‘Ego’. The song, written by Filipino producer Jonathan Manalo, sees Haven fully embracing self-worth with swagger – and with catchy pop production in tow.


They say I can’t be tamed / That I don’t play by their rules / I’m too adventurous / And if that’s bad then I’m the bad girl / So zip your fly and keep it right there,” Haven sings in the chorus.

Watch the video for ‘Easy Girl Easy Boy’ below.

Haven – real name Teo Cher Win – says the song is about the ups and downs that teenage girls face.

“Thanks to Jonathan, I felt very connected to the song,” she sad in a press statement. “He knew what I was going through and wrote this song for me. I hope this song will help other girls feel empowered and gain confidence, not to let [others’] words affect them.”


Last December, Haven released the single ‘Museum’. Since then, Haven has released two collaborations: ‘The Beauty of Happiness’ with Filipino actor/singer KD Estrada and ‘Meant 2 Be’ with Singapore-based singer-songwriter Caspar.