Singaporean rapper Bazeel drops ‘Playa Shit – Nawf Beast’ with Brunei MC Snailgod

The border-crossing collaboration marks the third single Bazeel has released this year

Emerging Singaporean rapper Bazeel has released his single ‘Playa Shit – Nawf Beast’ with Bruneian counterpart Snailgod.

The three-minute heater features the two rappers exchanging rhymes and letting listeners know they should come correct: “Don’t hate the player if you can’t play the game right,” as Bazeel proclaims on the hook.

Listen to ‘Playa Shit – Nawf Beast’ below.


Released last Friday (June 17), the track is the third single Bazeel has released this year. His debut single ‘Mati Itu Pasti’ featuring the hip-hop group RECKLE$$ was released in February, while ‘Kerja’ dropped in May via local independent label Allure Records, whose artists include Tengy and Khally. All three songs were produced by upcoming producer Faiz Shamir and Allure Records’ founder ProdByDan, and have featured lyrics in Malay and English.

Bazeel is building up to the release of an EP later this year, which he describes as “going through hell, coming out with scars and still wanting to evolve and grow.” The 23-year-old wrote songs while incarcerated in military prison for a year for substance abuse, working on rhymes with a Malay dictionary beside him while his cellmates made melodies and drum beats by banging on their cell gates.