Singaporean R&B singer Sam Rui opens up on stepping away from music career

"I still love music and miss that era of my life very much"

Singaporean R&B artist Sam Rui has stepped away from music from the time being, citing the pandemic and a fulfilling career change.

In a series of Instagram Stories posted yesterday (May 31), the 25-year-old explained why she was no longer focusing on music. Rui wrote that she found relying on music for income “really stressful” when the pandemic started, as she was unable to meet collaborators and do writing sessions for herself and other artists “for a couple months”. She also lost “capital to invest in new projects for myself” due to the moratorium on live performances, which was the source of “most of [her] income”.

“Having what I’d been doing for a living for 3-4ish years be impacted like that really made me question the longevity of music as a career,” she added, “so I decided it might be best to change paths.”


Rui then explained she went back to school to finish a bachelor’s degree and has also started to work in the profession of educational therapy, “never a field I thought I’d get into” but one she’s come to love.

Rui also revealed that she initially “fell back” into depression after making up her mind to set aside her music career. “I’d done it for so many years, met and made so many wonderful people and friends during that time, met and fell in love with the man I plan to spend the rest of my life with also during that time,” the singer wrote.

“When I stopped, I felt like I lost my identity, my anchor, my value as a friend and a partner to so many people because we’d gotten to know each other through so many shared interests, experiences, struggles.

“I’d defined myself by the one thing I thought I was good at, and how being good at that brought so much beauty and joy into my life that when I stopped doing it, I felt so lost and empty and worthless and alone.”

Rui added that she has since been able to put her feelings and thoughts into perspective. “[I] realize that it’s stupid to define my entire worth as a person on my job or on one perceived skill or quality when there’s so much more to a person!” the singer stressed.


The Singaporean native ended with words of encouragement to those who are experiencing a transition in their lives, and heartfelt thanks to her fans for their support over the years.

“I still love music and miss that era of my life very much,” she wrote, “and hopefully one day I can go back to doing it in some capacity.”

Before putting her music career on hold, Sam’s last project was the the five-track EP ‘In Between’ in 2020. She released her debut album ‘Season 2’ in 2017. She has collaborated with fellow Singaporean artists Fauxe, OmarKENOBI and Slowdown, as well as Malaysian R&B singer Alextbh.