Singaporean screamo band Naedr release early stream of debut album, ‘Past Is Prologue’

It officially arrives on November 15

Naedr have released an early stream of their upcoming debut album, ‘Past Is Prologue’.

The album, which is scheduled to officially arrive on digital streaming platforms on Sunday, November 14, can be heard in its entirety below courtesy of Miss The Stars Records, Zegema Beach Records and Illuminate My Heart Records.

Check out ‘Past Is Prologue’ in full here.


Naedr’s debut LP features nine tracks, two of which have already been previously released: last year’s debut single ‘The Waltz Of Fate’ and ‘The Prodigal Son’, which was released in October.

Given the members’ diverse musical backgrounds, the quintet experiment with a number of genres on their new project. ‘Past Is Prologue’ also explores a “central, story-like narrative” through its blistering 23-minute runtime, according to a press release.

‘Past Is Prologue’ opens with a short instrumental intro that blends together solemn keys, and a wall of distortion, before bleeding into ‘The Waltz Of Fate’ and ‘The Prodigal Son’. ‘The Tyrant’ starts off with a mellow acoustic guitar arrangement, before quickly returning to its mix of ear-piercing screams, frenetic guitar licks and pounding drums.

Naedr’s debut album was initially targeted for release in early 2020, but was delayed due to undisclosed reasons.


“We spent the last few months tying up loose ends and getting ready for this moment,” the band wrote earlier on Facebook.