Singaporean screamo band Naedr unleash new single, ‘The Prodigal Son’

The young band share members with Paris In The Making, susurrus, Amateur Takes Control, Bethari and hauste

Singaporean screamo/black-gaze band Naedr have released their new single, ‘The Prodigal Son’.

Formed in early 2019, Naedr (pronounced “Nadir”) share members with bands prominent within Singapore’s rock and hardcore scenes: Paris In The Making, susurrus, Amateur Takes Control, Bethari and hauste.

The band made their debut in November 2019 with the track ‘The Waltz Of Fate’. ’The Prodigal Son’ is their second song out so far.


According to a press release, it’s about the figure of the Filial Son who labours and slogs for years out of humility. His efforts are never recognised, and “ends with a biting quote from the Father, inviting him to join the Feast”.

Listen to Naedr’s ‘The Prodigal Son’ below.

The explosive, 74-second track gives listeners a hint of things to come with their upcoming debut full-length album, ‘Past Is Prologue’, which is scheduled for release in November.

The album was initially targeted for release in early 2020, but was delayed due to undisclosed reasons.

“We spent the last few months tying up loose ends and getting ready for this moment. Finally proud to announce that we have something up our sleeves in the weeks to come!” the band wrote on Facebook.