Singaporean singer-songwriter DEON releases new single, ‘Don’t Bother’

Another preview of his upcoming EP ‘Melancholic Pop’

Singaporean singer-songwriter DEON has released a new single, ‘Don’t Bother’, which features funk/pop artist Don Aaron.

The single was issued today (October 27) via Where Are The Fruits as the latest look into his upcoming EP, ‘Melancholic Pop’. It follows his previously released song ‘Breathe In’, which was issued last month.

‘Don’t Bother’ is a mid-tempo pop tune that deals with grief, as the singer-songwriter struggles to centre himself while enduring a wave of personal events.


Fighting all these demons / Is gonna take some time / Writings on the wall / Don’t bother, don’t bother this time,” he sings in its chorus.

Listen to ‘Don’t Bother’ below.

In a press release, DEON said writing ‘Don’t Bother’ was his way of “processing an amalgamation of feelings, ranging from guilt to grief, to anger”.

“I [first] wrote relatively happy lyrics to mask this desperately sad backstory,” he explained.

“While developing the song, it dawned on me that this song manifested into something of a reminder. Focus on the good and cast aside negativities, to look for silver linings in tough times, and learn how to get back on your feet, to be more encouraging and forgiving towards yourself.”


He also raved about Aaron, who contributes a fiery guitar solo towards the end of the song: “I genuinely love what he puts out there, there isn’t anything else like it in Singapore – his authenticity is amazing.”

‘Don’t Bother’ and ‘Breathe In’ are set to be featured on the upcoming ‘Melancholic Pop’ EP, due March 2022. Leading up to the release, DEON is expected to unveil merchandise designed by tattoo artist Wolfsloth.

DEON has released three full-length albums in his career so far: 2014’s ‘Antiphobic’, 2015’s ‘Oceans’, and 2019’s ‘Eulogia; Eulogy’.