Singapore’s Cues, Japan’s Kudaranai 1nichi, Indonesia’s Hulica announce split tape

Three independent labels come together for a celebration of Asian math rock and emo on July 23

Singaporean math rock quartet Cues, Indonesian rockers Hulica and Japanese emo band Kudaranai 1nichi are joining forces for a three-way split tape.

Each band will be contributing two tracks to the split. On their Instagram account, Cues shared previews of all six tracks. Listen to the snippets below:


The release will be co-released via three labels on July 23. They are Indonesia’s KAT Rekords, Singapore’s Tired Records, and Japanese independent label Ungulates – the last  of which is operated by Kou Nakagawa, drummer for screamo outfit Sans Visage, among other bands.

The tape is available for preorder via Ungulates here.

Each label will be releasing a different version of the tape, each featuring different-coloured artwork. See the versions of the tape below.

Cues – composed of twin guitarists Germaine and Gina, bassist Hui Jun and drummer Rex – first made their debut with the 2019 singles ‘Atlas’ and ‘buttxt’, before following with a cover of Terrible People’s ‘Peachy’ for ‘Pick Of The Lot!’, a 2020 compilation released on Tired Records. The Singaporean math-rock quartet also opened for Kyoto band Jyocho in Singapore during their 2019 Southeast Asian tour. Also on the line-up were Singapore’s Approaching Aphelion and Malaysian band LUST.


Earlier this February, Kudaranai 1nichi (pronounced Kudaranai Ichinichi) dropped a split tape with Tokyo compatriots ANORAK!, following their self-titled album, which they put out last June. In early 2020, the band were scheduled to tour Southeast Asia alongside fellow Japanese emo outfit A Perfect Day For Apple Deer, before plans were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Hulica’s latest release is their 2020 debut EP, ‘How to Estimate Your Departure on the Ocean’. The release featured tracks which the Bandung math rock trio had included in previous releases, including ‘The Soldiers That Generate Farewell’, as well as ‘Hokkaido’s Electone Girl’.

The tracklist for the Kudaranai 1Nichi / Hulica / Cues Split is:

  1. Hulica – ‘I Heard You Like Jazz, But I’m In A Fast Jazz Band That You Won’t Be Able To Dance With’
  2. Hulica – ‘Our Passions Are Starting To Unattached’
  3. Cues – ‘Moon Moon’
  4. Cues – ‘Nua’
  5. Kudaranai 1Nichi – ‘状態C – Condition C’
  6. Kudaranai 1Nichi – ‘Take Me To The Ona Fest’