Singapore’s Dominic Chin and Haneri duet on ‘Cry (Reimagined)’

The re-worked track from Chin’s 2020 EP features a stirring string arrangement

Singaporean singer-songwriters Dominic Chin and Haneri have shared a new rework of ‘Cry’.

The track, and its accompanying music video, arrived on streaming platforms on Friday (December 24). The track features an entirely new arrangement, with duetting vocals from the two singers set against soft and mellow keys, a stirring string arrangement, and restrained percussions.

Watch the music video for Dominic Chin’s and Haneri’s ‘Cry (Reimagined)’ below.


The music video shows the two singers performing in an empty room, with stills of a galaxy peering through the room’s windows. The room fades away in the latter half of the video, and the musicians sing among the stars.

Following the release of ‘Cry (Reimagined), Chin took to Instagram to say: “Cry was written from a place of wanting to rebel against societal norms of what a masculinity is, and what ‘being a man’ was.”

The original version of ‘Cry’ first appeared on Dominic Chin’s debut EP, ‘License To Cry’. The seven-track EP explored a variety of genres, including R&B, soul and electro-pop.

‘Cry (Reimagined)’ is the seventh and final track from the ‘License To Cry’ record to be reworked and released this year. Reworks of other tracks from the record feature performances from Jean Seizure, Marian Carmel, Gail Belmonte and more.


Haneri has featured on a handful of singles this year, including ‘Feel That’ with Miss Lou, ‘Saviour’ with Hoaprox and YUAN, and ‘Waiting On You’ with Duumu and Majent.