Singapore’s iconic Zouk club has original Jiak Kim location remade in ‘Fortnite’

Gamers can now dance, collect coins and play human pinball in the Jiak Kim replica

Singapore’s legendary Zouk club – as seen at its first, beloved location at Jiak Kim Street – has been virtually recreated in the hit battle royale game, Fortnite.

As part of a partnership between DBS Bank and Singaporean creative agency The Secret Little Agency (TSLA), gamers can now return to the iconic location to soak in the nostalgia, show off their best dance moves, and collect coins to score points.

The reveal was made through a cinematic trailer, which can be seen below.



“We know the world is crying out for the day we can attend music festivals or visit our favourite clubs again,” said TSLA creative director Etienne Lesourd of the project. “In Asia, no club is missed more than the legendary one that used to sit along the banks of the Singapore River at Jiak Kim Street.”

Lesourd went on to detail the project’s development to Campaign: “We wanted people entering the space to experience a nostalgic rush, so getting every little detail and element of that club complex down to perfection was probably the most challenging part. Additionally, we still needed to make sure that the gameplay itself was fun and had replay value, so we had to playtest it many times.”

DBS Bank’s and TSLA’s remake of Zouk is a near-identical replica of the iconic Jiak Kim club, which after 25 years shut its doors to move to Clarke Quay in 2016. It features the same architectural layout, including its three rooms, and other familiar nods, which were shown off in a new video of a number of partygoers, DJs and personalities reacting to the virtual club.


Gamers can now visit the club, which has been renamed the Live Fresh Club, in Fortnite by entering the code 9335-6787-4501 in the game’s creative mode. Gamers will also be able to participate in a number of specially curated minigames, such as human pinball.

In other Zouk news, it was reported last week that its operator Zouk Group has been sold to Malaysian firm Tulipa for S$14million. The sale comes during a rough period for previous owners Genting Hong Kong, which reportedly lost US$742.6million (S$1.01billion) over the first half of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a follow-up report by the Straits Times, the change of ownership will not result in any change in operations or business direction. Not only will there be no layoffs, Zouk Group reportedly plans to grow its headcount.