Singapore’s Kribo Records to release vinyl compilation, ‘Sounds of Lecak, Vol. 1’

Expect funk, psych, soul, Thai luk thung and Afrobeat on this co-release with Kikagaku Moyo-founded psych label Guruguru Brain

Singaporean label Kribo Records has announced a singles compilation, ‘Sounds of Lecak, Vol. 1’, that will get a vinyl release in June.

Kribo Records is an independent record label, founded 2017-2018 and run by musician and producer Maggot. A purveyor of psych, soul, surf, funk and hip-hop sounds – as well as Thai luk thung, Afrobeat and Pop Yeh Yeh – the Geylang-based label focuses on what it calls the Sounds of Lecak, “a regional stamp on the global retro funk and soul movement, inspired by the indigenous word that can mean moist, wet, muddy or even naughty”.

‘Sounds of Lecak, Vol. 1’ curates 20 tracks from Kribo Records’ catalogue, including songs that feature the Kribo Brothers, Golden Mile Band, The Ugly Voices and Eri, which have been remastered for vinyl. Find the cover art and full tracklist below.


Maggot of Singapore record label Kribo Records
Maggot of Singapore record label Kribo Records. Credit: Press

The compilation’s vinyl release will be a three-way collaboration with Singaporean record store The Analog Vault’s TAV Records and Guruguru Brain, the Amsterdam-based label founded by members of Kikagaku Moyo. The vinyl will be available from June 1 onwards as a double LP with sleeve artwork from Singapore studio Vinylheavy.

‘Sounds of Lecak, Vol. 1′ will also be TAV Records’ fourth release, following electronic duo .gif’s ‘Hail Nothing’, producer Fauxe’s ‘Ikhlas’ and producer/DJ Intriguant’s ‘Spirits’.

Kribo Records counts the likes of rap trio Mediocre Haircut Crew, Fauxe and singer-songwriter Akid Amir as its collaborators and associates. The seven-piece band Kribo Brothers, led by Maggot, performed at the Singaporean music festival Baybeats last year with guest performers Fariz Jabba and Khally, among others.

Kribo Records to release 'Sounds of Lecak' on vinyl
‘Sounds of Lecak, Vol. 1’. Credit: Press

The tracklist for ‘Sounds of Lecak, Vol. 1’ is:


Side A:
Sitar Funk Group – ‘Prem Durga’ 
The Kribo Brothers – ‘Yokoso’
Rebana Funk Brothers – ‘Zapin Lucah’
Golden Mile Band – ‘Thai Whiskey’
Wah Wah Thai – ‘Maak’

Side B:
Hail Atan, Rebana Funk Brothers – ‘Inang Bo Tinang’
Anak Anak Abu – ‘Korkap Mestap’
Golden Mile Band – ‘Ogy Mat Daud’
Geylang Electric Phin Band – ‘Hek Sib Gau’
Hong Chungao Street Band – ‘Luna’

Side C:
The Ugly Voices – ‘Parkiu’
Budak Bawah Blok – ‘Teksi Dreba’
The Ugly Voices – ‘Mak Janda’
The Ugly Voices – ‘Senandung Dua Alam’
Eri – ‘Oh Rumah’

Side D:
Golden Mile Band – ‘Morning Sex’
Budak Bawah Blok – ‘Pusing Pusing Balek Balek Sama’
Golden Mile Band – ‘Dingdong’
Maggot – ‘The Great Wall of Aria’
Aaliya – ‘Penghujung Dunia’