Filipina singer-songwriter Thea Panaguiton releases new track ‘Halls Of Mind’

The former The Three Of Us member's first solo song in three years

Filipina singer-songwriter Thea Panaguiton has released ‘Halls Of Mind’. It’s the former The Three Of Us member’s first new song in three years.

The languid track, released today (July 2), took inspiration from “an image of a hallway in a museum with all the art hung up on its walls”, Panaguiton said.

“It made me wonder if our mind could look like that hallway, storing all the good and bad memories and stories of our lifetime,” she added. “Sometimes, though, these ‘Halls of Mind’ stand in the way of what life is showing to us, especially when life shows the right kind of love for us. We’re so used to listening to our old stories, we miss out on the perfect kind of love for us.”


Listen to ‘Halls Of Mind’, which was produced and mixed by hip-hop artist gny, here:

Panaguiton said that the inspiration for ‘Halls Of Mind’ came as she was trying to learn a Stevie Wonder song. The practice sessions led to her strumming the same chords, but penning a totally different song. “The lyrics and the melody just effortlessly flowed through me. Next thing I knew, the song was done,” she told NME.

Panaguiton was a member of now-defunct Manila-based acoustic trio The Three Of Us, along with former bandmates Ivy Hermogenes and Adora San Pedro.

‘Halls Of Mind’ follows her debut solo track titled ‘Someday’, released in 2018. The singer-songwriter is also currently working on her first EP to be released soon.