Slodown comes alive during ‘Demon Hours’, his new single

The Singaporean's second single off upcoming debut album ‘Under The Rose’ features New York artist Synead

New York-based Singaporean artist Slodown has released ‘Demon Hours’, his newest single from the upcoming debut album ‘Under The Rose’.

It is the second glimpse into the full-length effort following last month’s ‘Me & Mrs. Wong’, which featured Dumbfoundead.

This time, Slodown links up with fellow New York artist Synead for the track. Synead delivers a fiery verse, responding to Slodown’s plea as the duo channel bedroom intimacy in the studio booth.


Girl I’m all yours till you’re all spent / Baby you don’t have to hold back / Let the demon out on me (let it out on me)”, Slodown sings in its chorus.

Synead heeds his call, even conjuring a line from Nicki Minaj’s famed verse on Kanye West’s ‘Monster’.

Sun goes down that’s the demon hour / Pull up with that ass, that’s my demon power / Howl to the moon that’s how I scream and shout / That’s when my beast comes out / That’s when I take you down / Cos that’s what a motherfucking monster do”, she sings.

Listen to ‘Demon Hours’, produced by Slodown and ImMark, below.

‘Under the Rose’ is set to follow Slodown’s 2018 EP, ‘Nomance’, which featured collaborations with Singaporean artists Jasmine Sokko and Yllis (now known as W. Y. Huang).


Since the EP’s release, Slodown has released four singles: 2019’s ‘Like the Sun’, along with ‘Lay TF Back’, ‘Sparks in the Snow’, ‘Ample Fruit’ in 2020.