Slodown links up with Dumbfoundead on new single, ‘Me & Mrs. Wong’

First single off his debut album ‘Under the Rose’

New York-based Singaporean artist Slodown has released ‘Me & Mrs. Wong’, a collaborative single with American rapper Dumbfoundead. It’s the first taste of Slodown’s upcoming debut album, ‘Under the Rose’.

The song, produced by Slodown and Faby Beats, digs into unresolved feelings in an extramarital affair. It riffs off the forbidden romance found in ‘Me & Mrs. Jones’, the 1972 soul classic by Billy Paul, but evolves into something else entirely with Slodown’s distant crooning and an evocative verse by Dumbfoundead.

And she never wants to stay / She means it when she says it’s just a lil distraction from her life / something with no feelings on the line cos she got something real waiting at home,” sings Slodown on the chorus. Listen to the track below.


‘Me & Mrs. Wong’ also takes inspiration from the 2000 drama In The Mood For Love, and Dumbfoundead directly references the critically acclaimed film in his verse: “We getting Wong Kar Wai in a downtown high-rise / In the mood for lovin’ but it’s based on little white lies”.

‘Under the Rose’ is set to follow Slodown’s 2018 EP, ‘Nomance’, which featured collaborations with Singaporean artists Jasmine Sokko and Yllis. Since then, Slodown has released four singles: 2019’s ‘Like the Sun’, along with ‘Lay TF Back’, ‘Sparks in the Snow’, ‘Ample Fruit’ in 2020.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Dumbfoundead is set to produce his first film project with 88rising.