Slowthai cites Jay-Z and Alex Turner as major influences on his new album ‘TYRON’

The rapper also said that he "wants my writing to be as great as" Radiohead

Slowthai has named Jay-Z and Alex Turner as two of the major influences on his forthcoming new album ‘TYRON’.

The Northampton rapper will now release his second LP on February 12, having pushed its arrival date back a week yesterday (January 21).

Speaking to Rolling Stone in a new interview about ‘TYRON’, Slowthai revealed which artists he was drawing inspiration from while writing and recording his new album.


“Weirdly enough, Jay-Z — more so for flow, wordplay, and delivery. I’ve always appreciated that from being a little kid when my uncle was playing it,” he said. “I feel like there’s a lot of anger even when he’s doing the soft stuff.”

Slowthai (Picture: Crowns + Owls / Press)

Slowthai also said that Arctic Monkeys frontman Turner is “a heavy inspiration for me”, before also citing the likes of Thom Yorke and Elliott Smith.

“[Smith’s influence] is a weird one because it’s not like you can hear any influence from it,” Slowthai explained. “I suppose everyone I’m influenced by, it’s not like I’m trying to imitate them. What inspires me is the way they’re talking, the emotions they’re hitting, how they’re getting the message across.

“That’s why I think my inspirations come a lot from more band-oriented music. Like with Radiohead: ‘You do it to yourself, you do, and that’s what really hurts… ’ [from ‘Just’]. That shit, to me — I want my writing to be as great as that.”


Earlier this month Slowthai shared his A$AP Rocky collaboration ‘MAZZA’, which will feature on ‘TYRON’.