Soekarja Street Crew fire bandmate for throwing bottle at Rumkicks singer

Rumkicks frontwoman Yaewon was hit in the head with a water bottle at the show

Indonesian punk band Soekarja Street Crew have fired member Akhir Darsito over an incident where he threw a bottle filled with water at Yaewon Jeong, the frontwoman and guitarist for South Korean band Rumkicks, at a recent show.

At the Rumkick’s recent show in Purwokerto on January 8, Yaewon had been addressing the crowd in a speech about how the band had been considered “fake” or “plastic” punks by some quarters when she was hit in the head with a bottle filled with water. This led to the band tweeting after the show, “At Complete Control Events we will not tolerate any forms of online or physical abuse towards any of our bands.”

“At a show in Indonesia Yeawon had a plastic glass thrown at her by a cowardly pathetic moron. Please just f**k off from any of our shows if you don’t respect the band.”


Following several days of silence, Soekarja Street Crew’s official Instagram account, which has now been made private, released a statement on January 13 admitting that Darsito had indeed thrown the bottle, and has been fired from the band over the incident. “We also want to confirm that our official account was held by him,” the band wrote, adding, “And he felt some mental stress [over the incident], so we couldn’t access the account. We also hereby intend to remove him from the SSC. We hope this can be a lesson for everyone in the future.”

The group would later appear on the Choppergyeh Dolan YouTube channel to offer a statement on the incident on the same day where Darsito apologised to Rumskins over the incident, explaining that he had reacted angrily to being kicked from behind by an unknown audience member. “As an individual, I truly regret what I’ve done,” he said, adding, “I apologise wholeheartedly.”

Rumkicks concluded their Indonesia tour on January 12 at the Gimme Shelter venue in Bali. The South Korean punk band most recently released the single ‘Punk is Nowhere’ in June last year, which followed their Mad Pride Seoul tribute single ‘Proud of Madness’ in January.

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