SonaOne links up with Kidd Santhe on new song ‘Kuey Teow’

An ode to the beloved noodle dish

SonaOne has released the new song ‘Kuey Teow’, featuring Kidd Santhe.

The single is the first peek into SonaOne’s upcoming album, ‘Freestyle Play’, and is the Malaysian rappers’ first collaboration.

The song pays tribute to the beloved noodle dish, which is a staple in countries like Malaysia and Singapore. ‘Kuey Teow’ arrived with a music video that you can watch below:



The first unveiling of the song was at an exclusive listening session on August 15, where SonaOne and Kidd Santhe played the track for members of the media and fans.

During the session’s Q&A segment, SonaOne talked more about ‘Freestyle Play’.

“The whole album was just me picking up the microphone and just saying what’s on my mind,” SonaOne said, in a report by Malay Mail, “there was no written lyrics making it feel a lot more expressionistic.”

The rapper said his freeform approach was influenced by surrealist artist Salvador Dali, who is mentioned in the song’s lyrics. “He doesn’t care about what people think but at the same time, he was not being offensive or rude, he was just being creative and expressive,” SonaOne said of Dali.


The promotional event was rounded up with freshly-cooked packets of kuey teow, served to guests by the rappers themselves.

There’s no confirmed release date for ‘Freestyle Play’ at present. It will follow SonaOne’s project ‘THE LOCCDOWN’, which he released in April.

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