SonaOne returns with introspective new single, ‘Sape Kata’

The Malaysian hip-hop artist wrote the track last June

Malaysian rapper-producer SonaOne has released ‘Sape Kata’, his latest single.

The track was issued on streaming platforms today (November 12) and will be accompanied by a music video at 9pm (Malaysia time) later today.

‘Sape Kata’ – which is performed in both English and Malay – was produced by Wolfy. The track was recorded in June last year, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Listen to it below.


“The song dissects inner feelings and deals with an array of mixed emotions. In fact, the world ‘siapa’ (which means ‘who’ in Malay) is deliberately spelled in its colloquial form ‘sape’,” SonaOne said in a press statement.

He continued: “Anyone who has ever been involved in a dramatic relationship should be able to relate to the song which boasts lyrics in both English and Malay.”

SonaOne also explained that the track tackles topics of emotions faced when “there is an absence in a two-way communication”. He added, “The song represents an uncomfortable feeling, when the other person’s mind is restlessly burdened by doubt”.

‘Sape Kata’ marks the Malaysian rapper-producer’s first solo release of the year. In May, SonaOne collaborated with Indonesian rapper A. Nayaka and Singapore’s YHB Sleepsalot for ‘Orang Lain’, which got remixes by Malaysian artists (Joe Flizzow, SYA and Airliftz) and Filipino rappers (Fateeha and Tiffany Lhei). He also worked with YHB Sleepsalot on ‘Jatuh Boi’.


Last year, he dropped pandemic project ‘THE LOCCDOWN’ and the single ‘Kuey Teow’ with Kidd Santhe.